However, sometimes you just need to get away.  Our original vision for previz still lives in our Novato studio:  away from distractions, in a place where all of your energy can be used to focus on the creation of the show.  It’s the ultimate think-tank for those who work better away from the show site, or those who are unable to work at the show site (if the venue is occupied or in a place that is unattainable). 


We offer a luxurious location that is equidistant from San Francisco, the Napa Valley, and the California Beaches.  While your goal may be to accomplish a fully cued show, it’s nice to know that at the end of it you may be able to extend your stay by a day to visit one of the most beautiful parts of the country, if not the world.


Regardless of whether you plan to take advantage of your location, while you are at the studio you have access to all the amenities of home:  phone, internet, and comfortable surroundings.  Our job while you are here is to make you comfortable and assist you to maximize your productivity.  You are treated as a guest at the “Prelite Resort”.