How many times have you heard that? How many times have you said that? We can help.


Booking a space for tech time is expensive and, in some venues, it’s just not possible because of scheduling. But less time available in the venue doesn’t mean less time is needed to put together a knockout production—the kind of show that gets you a call for the next show. Yet, how many times do you want to sit in an exhausted stupor while the clock ticks off the over-time, and the ideas just won’t come any more? And how many times do you walk away from a show mourning the ideas there was no time to create?


Designers and programmers can work together when their schedules allow it, making for highly effective design teams. Work can be accomplished during regular hours, cutting down on premium labor costs, and minimizing grueling late-night programming sessions.


And in this world where time is money, Prelite allows you to work out problems ahead of time, before they become a waste of labor and material costs.


"Prelite is an essential partner in show development.  Our work is a hybrid of technical challenges and creative expression.  Using the tools provided by Prelite protects the creative goals from the unpredicted technical complexities that can burn time on site.  On the Turner Upfront, where we have a very limited production schedule on site, Prelite is the difference between pulling a show together and creating a show experience. "

Laura Frank - Screen Producer, Turner Upfront 2008 - 2014


"It was obvious to everyone that the time spent at Prelite had paid off."
David Agress, Lighting Designer - RADIO CITY CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR