Whether it’s a lighting console, motion controller*, video switcher, media server or all of the above, the previz software will read the data just as the elements in the production read it. The software we choose for your show is determined by a number of criteria, but we have many options to choose from. Each software suite has its strengths.

Whatever the software type, the information you program using our system is stored on your controllers.  The data that you program is then transferred to the show controllers, or the controllers where the data is programmed are then connected to the real system.  Either way, what you have created on the virtual model is then shown in reality.


Case Studies


Before/After Gallery


"The ability to both build a solid base for the show 'off-line' and also review cues with [the producer's] creative team was invaluable."
John Featherstone, Lighting Designer - GM National Dealers Business Conference 


Link to “Prelite Thanks pdf”


*Some motion controllers excluded