We determine the path to take to meet your goals based on what you are able to provide in the form of CAD files, custom pieces (gobos, fixtures, scenery), and video content.  The information we receive through emails, phone conversations, conference calls, and our online form provide us with the answers we need to provide you with an efficient process.


After it is determined where you will be conducting your previsualization session, we begin to create a model from the information you provide.  Consider it your “virtual load in”.  All the lighting, scenic, venue, video, and motion control pieces are created, optimized and tested (where possible).  If there are any patch problems or sightline issues, we will let your team know what we have found.  We will load a 3D model of your show to the web so you can detect where there may be problems prior to load-in, like we did for Boston Scientific.  This is a good way to determine if any changes need to be made, and the previz model will also reflect these changes once identified.  The gear is prepped and tested at our Novato, CA location and shipped to your session location or, most likely, the lighting vendor so it can arrive at the show site in the same delivery as your front of house equipment. 


Regardless of where you start or end, we take the quickest, most productive path to your happiness.


Please follow the links above to our “Case Studies” page to see how our process has worked in the past.