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Show Name:
Previz Dates:
Setup Date:
People Attending, Dates and Roles: (e.g. Tom Thompson, LD, all studio dates)
Who is the production electrician (please do provide contact information)?
Control equipment needed
Will Prelite suplly this equipment?
If not, who will?
Have you used Prelite's services before?
If so, what was the most recent show and situation (Studio/OnSite)?
What is the purpose of session?
What are your expectations?
Session Information
Do you have any custom gobos or color scrolls?
If so, please provide us with artwork or lists. Please specify all lights that receive custom items.
Do you require objects within your file to move (people, scenery, trusses)?
If so, can these items be controlled from the main console?
Please provide a complete scenic abstract including name of item, position, and scene name (e.g. walk-in look, scene 1, lecterns offstage, etc.)
Do you have any custom or new fixture types (ie: beta or first-run fixtures)?
If so, please specify.
Will you require any video element, including digital lighting fixtures, to be visualized in the file?
If so, please specify.
What are your goals (number of songs, timecode modules, setup of show file, etc)?
Are you simulating conventional fixtures?
If so, please provide detailed focused charts.
Are you simulating LED fixtures?
Can any or all of the LED's be emissive (fixture lights up, no beam is simulated - improves performance). Please specify.
Please bring hard drives with sufficient space to take the media with you.
What will you be creating, including type, number and format of collateral?
Will you be presenting live content to anyone? (Will your client be present for the previz session?)
Do you have any renderings or storyboards that you can provide us with to help us create a more realistic file?
Is there any information you think we should have in order to make your session go smoothly?
Are there any specific food or drink items that you would like in the studio for your session?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. It greatly increases our ability to provide you with the best service possible for your session at Prelite. If you any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your Prelite representative immediately.